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Radardroid Pro User guide

GPS speed camera warning application for Android devices. Radardroid will give a visual and audible warning when you approach any fixed or mobile speed camera in the application database. This application will give you advanced warning of possible danger ahead and will reduce possible speeding tickets thanks to the ever increasing available features. We do not condone speeding and will not be held responsible for anybody prosecuted for breaking the law.

Radardroid Pro includes the following additional features:

  • No ads or banners. Your device full screen devoted to the info you really need.
  • Full background service. Use your favourite navigator or listen to your music on your phone and you will still receive any visual or audible alerts as you approach any speed camera. Just start the alert service and you are ready.
  • Speed camera directions supported. If you have a database with speed camera directions info, you will only received alerts when travelling in the right direction. SpeedCameraPoi.com is improving its database with speed camera directions so you will soon see this info on Radardroid, but if you already know of any database with that info, you can use it and Radardroid will make use of it.
  • Multiple simultaneous speed camera databases. If you are planning a trip abroad, you can add the databases for the countries you are planning to visit.
  • You can enable or disable any database or speedtrap type whenever you want without downloading the databases again.
  • Speed camera editor. Add or edit any speed camera with our editor. You can change any data about the speed camera, name, position, direction of travelling, speed limit, type.
  • Add new personal points of interest. Just double tap on the map and your current position will be stored as a personal point of interest. You can add extra info later on with the editor. If you stumble upon a new speed camera on your way home, just double tap your device screen and Radardroid will warn you when you approach that location thereafter.
  • Speedometer can be shown over your favourite navigator or application. Just configure how and where the speedometer will be shown.
In addition to all the features in Radardroid Lite:
  • Voice warnings telling speed camera type and road limit (users can customize these warnings).
  • Visual and audible warnings.
  • Vibrator warnings (very useful for bikers).
  • Change the application settings to prevent the phone to switch off the screen or let the phone dim of switch the screen off to improve your battery life. Even if the screen is off, the application will show the warning dialog, turning the screen on again if needed.
  • Day and Night modes.
  • Select your screen orientation: portrait, landscape or automatic.
  • Radardroid main window is an interactive map which shows the closest speed camera locations. Radardroid also incorporates a digital speedometer that shows your speed and direction.
  • Download Speed Camera Database directly from SpeedCameraPOI.com. Keep your database updated with just one click.
  • Import your preferred Speed Camera Database from your SD card.



In order for Radardroid to work, you need to enable GPS locations in your device. When the application starts, it checks if GPS locations are enabled and allows you to activate GPS locations if they are not already activated. Even if GPS is enabled in your device, you may not received GPS signals in you are inside a building or an area with poor GPS satellite coverage. If Radardroid doesn't received positions from the GPS satellites, it won't be able to alert you when you are close to a speed camera because radardroid won't know your location or speed. You can use GPStatus application to check if your device receives correct GPS signal.

Once we have started Radardroid Dashboard, in order for Radardroid to start warning us when approaching a speed trap, we need to start the Alert Service. We just need to tap on the power button on the top-right part of the screen. Once the service is running (we will see a small radardroid icon on Android status bar), we can close Radardroid Dashboard and open our favorite navigator app or music player and we will keep receiving alerts while listening to our music.


The first time you open the application, a configuration wizard will help you configure the basic parameters for the application to work like country, language, voice or units.



Choose the country you want to use Radardroid for. The specified country is used to download the right speed camera database from the Internet. Currently, Radardroid can download speed camera databases for the following countries: USA, Spain, Canada, Belgium, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, New Zeland, Portugal, Singapour, Taiwan, Great Britain and China.

The Spanish database is brought to you by UniversalPOI.com (Robser database).

The Canadian database is brought to you by HPATLIK (GPS Passion forum).

All other available countries are brought to you by SpeedCameraPOI.com.


For countries with no available database in SpeedCameraPOI.com, you can download your favorite database in IGO8, GPX, Tom-Tom or CSv format from the Internet (GPS-DATA Team, SCDB Info, etc) and save the file to your SD card (/sdcard/radardroid/import) as update.zip. After that, you may import the file from your SD card.



You can choose the language to use in the application. Right now we support Catalan, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish.



You can choose the language to use in the voice messages. Right now we support Catalan, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish.



Select the distance and speed units to use in Radardroid


All Configuration settings

Screen mode:

Configure your device to automatically turn your screen off or dim it to save battery. You can also set your screen to be always on.


Map view:

You may activate or deactivate Radardroid's map view. The map view allows you to know your current position and the closest speed cameras. It is based on Google maps and as such, your device needs to be connected to the network to download and display the maps. You can disable this view to avoid network expenses. Radardroid will work even if you are not connected to the network, but the map will not be displayed. You can also choose satellite view mode

Google navigator style:

Choose Google Navigator style for a better integration with Google navigator.


Database settings

Speed camera types:

Choose the speed camera types that you want to be alerted of. You can enable fixed speed cameras, average speed cameras, mobile speed cameras, red light cameras or other personal warnings.


Warning settings

Autostart alert service:

Enable or disable the autostart option for the alert service. If enabled, the every time Radardroid dashboard is opened, then the alert service is started.


Autostart alert service with Bluetooth:

Enable or disable the autostart option for the alert service when connecting to a Bluetooth device. Choose the Bluetooth device that will start the alert service when connected. For example, when entering your car, the service will be started and when leaving your car it will be closed.


Visual warnings:

Enable or disable the warning screen. Even though the warning screen is disabled, you will still received the voice and audible warnings if they are enabled.



Configure the volume level for any audible warning. You can listen to your music with the volume level you want and the warnings with a different level.


Voice warnings:

Enable or disable voice warnings.


Sound warnings:

Enable or disable sound alerts.


Vibration warning:

Enable or disable vibration warnings. Useful for bikers.


Simple mobile speedtrap warning:

Enable a simple beep warning for mobile speedtraps. Mobile speedtraps are a source of false alarms and the simple beep will help us to be alert with the annoying voice warning.


Post radar warning:

Enable a warning after you moved pass the speed camera.


GPS signal lost warning:

Enable a GPS signal lost warning if no position is received from the satellites.


No GPS signal time:

Time without signal to reproduce the GPS signal lost warning.


Repeat period for GPS signal lost warning:

Repeat the GPS signal lost warning after this period of time.


Radardroid exit warning:

Voice warning on exit.


Distance settings

Variable distance:

Enable or disable the variable distance function that depends on the road speed limit.


First warning distance:

Choose the distance to show the visual warning for the first time.


Permanent warning distance:

Choose the distance for the continuos sound alerts if your speed is over the road limit.


Speed limit margin:

Define a margin over the speed limit in which Radardroid won't consider you are speeding.


Speedometer configuration


Activate or deactivate the speedometer. When active, the speedometer can be shown over any application if the alert service is running.


Speedometer settings

You can configure the position on screen where the speedometer will be shown and the amount of time it has to be inactive to be hidden.


Other configuration options

About Radardroid

This screen will show your current Radardroid Version and the latest changes.


Debug log

Activate or deactivate the debug log. Please, don't activate it unless you have a problem or it will slow down the application.


Debug options

Activate or deactivate other debug options. When activated, the menu button will show menu options to send the log file to our team or to delete the Lof file.


Menu options

Start Alert service

This option will start the alert service. From this moment on, you will receive alerts when approaching any active speed camera in the database.

Demo Mode

You can run Radardroid in Demo Mode to see it in action.

Download other voices

You can manage the voices that you have installed on your device. The installed voices will be available in settings.

Configuration Wizard

You can launch the Configuration Wizard any time you like to help you configure and download the default database for your country.


Launch the Editor to modify or delete personal speed cameras or those you marked for edition.


Database Management

If you tap on Speedtraps button on Radardroid Dashboard, you will see a screen where you will be able to manage the speed cameras databases that you have installed, or delete unwanted databases or install a new one. You can also deactivate a database and the speed cameras in that database will not be used by the Alert Service. If you do a long tap over any of the databases, a menu wil be shown with the options available: deactivate, delete, edit or export.

Download from Internet

If you want to add one of the database that we know about for your country, tap on the "Add another country" button. You can select the country you want and see a list of known databases for that country. These databases can be free or you may need to register to download, or commercial. Choose he one that best suits your needs.

If you already know the url of the database file on Internet, you can enter it on the provided text box and tap on "Install button".

For countries with no available database in SpeedCameraPOI.com, you can download your favorite database in IGO8, GPX, Tom-Tom or CSv format from the Internet (GPS-DATA Team, SCDB Info, etc) and save the file to your SD card. After that, you may select and import the file from your SD card.