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New version Radardroid Lite 1.31
Wednesday, 14 April 2010 12:30

New Radardroid Lite version 1.31 release to Android Market.

New features:


  • Import personal POI and show a different icon for personal POIs in map.
  • A new configuration wizard helps you with the initial application configuration and database download.
  • Download and install new voices for Radardroid from the application menu. Available voices: English (USA), English (UK), English (Australis), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Argentina), Spanish (Mexico) and Swedish. New voices will be made available with the help of our users. If you want to collaborate to translate Radardroid to your language, please contact us.
  • Swedish translation (Thanks to Tommy Thorstrom).
  • Debug options added. If you enable debug options and debug log, Radardroid will generate a Log file and you will be able to send that Log file to us in you find a problem. It will help us to solve any issues with the Application. Only turn debug options on if you find a problem, as they will slow the application.
  • Several bugs has been solved.