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Testimonials about Radardroid in Android Market.

Awesome application and developer is very responsive to emails.
Simon15 Nov 2010
Integración con navigator excelente cuándo avise SOLO de tú sentido de marcha 5*
3mundista12 Nov 2010
Recomiendo la Pro, la mejora es sustancial.
Francisco11 Nov 2010
Speriamo mi salvi!
Samuele11 Nov 2010
I like this a lot. Support was quick and accurate when I lost widget. Sorted in quick time. Would like to see SD utilisation. HTc Nexus One
Mark6 Nov 2010
Anfangs probleme mit dem download der liste, aber jetzt ist alles super, gutes App.
C# Code Book4 Nov 2010
Make your own database. It works perfectly
Shiwantha1 Nov 2010
Excellent product at a very cheap price. I'm also highly delighted with the team's prompt and helpful response to queries.
David26 Oct 2010
Saved me $$$ upgrading to gps-enabled detector! Added 4000+ 3rd party POI camera locations. Save my own "hot spots" w/ single click. Moto Droid 2.2
John13 Oct 2010
Crec q val la pena comprar-lo. Es genial el mode background. El recomano!
Victor6 Oct 2010